Best Bicycle in India under 10000 INR

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There is a huge range of bicycles available nowadays and each is designed for the particular purpose. If you are looking for a bicycle for your needs, then you are definitely going to find exactly like that. Before you start with the purchasing job the first thing you need is to go check out a bicycle sale where you will find different range and types that are available in the market. Starting from the environmentally conscious people to reduce carbon footprint to the people with adventure needs there are different choices available. India is one highly populated country and needs a definite step against environmental pollution threats. Switching over to bicycle ride is a great step towards Mother Nature. For the daily commute, there are different choices like Best Bicycle in India available which means you can easily switch to the green mode of transportation and save the environment.

Best Bicycle in India under 10000 INR

This means to look for exactly what you wish for. You cannot take daily bikes on the rough terrains where adventure freaks like to take touch bikes. For adventure purpose, you will need a mountain bike that is created to ideally endure the stress given by the different terrains. Mountain bikes are having suspension absorbers, strong frames which are the two big features.  In case of recreational purpose, there is BMX cycle available that is ideal for freestyle, races, and jumps.

In case you need a touring bike for long distance you will find bikes with the multiple storage spaces where sleeping bags, water, food and other essential items can be stored. Touring bikes are easy to ride and best for both off and on roads. This means for every reason and purpose one can find a bicycle and you must know about your needs. Once you have finalized the purpose of having a bicycle you must go through sales to get a great deal.  There are online sales also available where one can look for Best Cycles in India under 10000 INR and pretty deals like it.

Sr. No    Name of Cycle  Bicycle     Highlight Buy Now
1 Hero Next 24T 18 Speed
Mountain Cycle
>> Regid Steel Frame
>> Front & Rear Caliper Brakes
>> 18 Speed Cycle
>> Molded Anti-Skid Pedals
>> Amazon <<
2 Hero Hawk Nuage 27T
Single Speed Cycle
>> Rigid Steel Frame
>> Adjustable Seat
>> Moulded Rubber Type Pedals
>> Front & Rear V-Brakes
>> Amazon <<
3 Kross K-10 26T 18 Speed
Mountain Bike
>> Mig Welded sporty Steel Frame
>> Supension fork
>> V-brake alloy lever
>> Amazon <<
4 Kross Bolt 26T Single Speed
Black Sports Bicycle
>> Steel Frame
>> Mudguard-V-Shapped
>> Caged Pedal
>> Stem-Steel Black Matt
>> Amazon <<
5 Hero Octane 26T DTB Alloy
21 Speed Adult Cycle
>> Plastic PEdal with reflectors
>> V Brakes (Front and Rear)
>> 21 Speed Gears
>> Amazon <<

Top brands Best Bicycle under 10000 Rupees

There are many top bicycle brands available in India which is not just best in class, but the price tag as well. Hercules MTB dynamite is what you need if you are looking for an adventurous bike with a cool look. Then there is Hero Sprint adult cycle that comes with unique features and color. It is a single speed cycle that offers you a real ride. Apart from these two, there are many other reliable brands which you are going to find in India. All those who are interested in cycling must go for a branded cycle to develop the skills, for ease and a comfortable ride. There are satisfactory choices available when it comes to your budget so why go with no brand identity that is having fake parts and no guarantee of life. So make sure to check out the best brands before you try saving money on cheap cycles.

Bicycle for beginners

So you have developed an interest in cycling and this is the time you will be wandering which bicycle is going to be right for me? Might you be having a purpose behind it right? Such as want to do some exercise, need to get out on an adventure, need to take a short tour?  Want to save the environment or any other pretty reason giggling in your mind. Well, if you are a beginner you must first look at the types of bikes, how these bikes are used and what is the different between them and Best Cycles in India under 10000 Rs. initially.

Commuter bikes:  These are best suited for the students who get out to study and for those who work.  Worldwide bikes are used for the commuting purpose. If you want to do the same you can get out on any bike. There are options available such as built-in lighting, racks, and fenders which makes commuting convenient. For more convenience, you can pick folding bikes as these can be carried onto trains and buses and are absolutely easy to carry.

Cruiser bikes: With few gears, big seats and big tires you get comfortable rides with cruiser bikes.  If you want to travel on gravel paths, paved, challenging hills or a relaxed paced ride it is ideally fitted in these categories.  In case you want o go on long rides or path with a fast clip then cruiser bike is not at all a good idea.  It is having big seats which are not suitable for the aggressive rides.

Mountain bikes: Specially designed for the off-road cycling purpose.  This means you will be able to ride it on unpaved roads, logging roads, dirt trails, decline steeps, washouts, and rocks. Mountain bikes are favorite of adventure lovers.

Road bikes: These are for the paved roads and are best to ride for long distances. Quality products are expensive as compared t the entry-level cycles in another category. If you love to ride for long hours, then not to worry as there are Best Bicycle in India available at affordable ranges for long rides. These bikes are fine tunes and are excellent machines for the long hour riding.

Hybrid bikes: Bicycles designed for the commuting and general purpose and are ideal to ride on different surfaces like trails, paths, unpaved and paved roads. It is having features of both mountain and road bikes. There are wide arrays of variants also available like a cross bike, city bike, and commuter. If you are looking for a real workout this is going to be a good choice.

These are the different types of bikes which you are going to find in the market. All these types have a different price range and you must set a budget to get that suits your interest the best. If you are thinking of purchasing cheap bikes, then it is suggested that you read the reviews because those who are looking best for the purpose will not be satisfied with the idea of getting cheap bikes. Hero cycle is one of the popular brands in India and the majority of the Indians like to invest in this brand an especially Firefox bike which is the largest brand. If you would like to invest then look for Buy Firefox Cycles Online India and get the premium bicycle delivered at your doorstep.

The bicycle really gives you a premium ride and this is the reason it is favorite of many cycling sportspeople in India. With a wide range o features and premium quality, it can prove to be a huge investment for the purpose and goal you are having in your mind. Its accessories area also, easily available online.

Reasons to invest in a great bicycle

The bicycle is not new and its history dates back to 1817 and now there is a huge variety available. It has gone through a massive transformation and you get whatever fancy designs as an ideal companion for all the many reasons.

Excellent workout machines

If you regularly ride a bike then you are keeping yourself physically fit. What makes the bicycle a great companion is that it makes your workout more enjoyable as you get out in the open environment and seek things around no matter you are on your way to work, coming back, out to meet a friend or any there purpose. You also get to prevent nasty diets and other horrible ways to get rid of the extra fat without any hassle. Your bicycle will help you in burning the calories easily.

Saves your time

You can save a huge amount of time and you know time is money. You waste the huge amount of time on fuel stations and traffic jams traveling in an automobile. The worse no space in the parking lot.  If you are having a bicycle these incidents are not going to take place in your life. You can get out of the traffic easily on a bicycle.

Save cost

If you are using a bike to travel around then you save a huge amount of money that is definite when you travel through any other mode. Then comes maintenance cost, fueling cost, everything is nil when you are investing in an ideal bike. Invest in the Best Bicycle in India under 10000 and it is going to prove a lifetime investment. Maintenance is required but it is negligible. You can also maintain it at your home if you know how to do it.

Keep the nature clean

The world is facing the environmental crisis and there could be nothing best then opting for bicycles and giving up automobiles which are responsible for the dangerous emissions. The contaminates produced by the emissions through vehicles is a huge threat to the environment. It totally pollutes the air we breathe every single second. When you ride a bike you are lending hand to save the environment.

These are the many benefits of investing in bicycle apart from fulfilling the purpose. You definitely have a great companion that is not only good to you but to nature as well.  Now you must check for the qualities that your bike needs to possess. With all these qualities you will be always having enjoyable rides. Look for Best Bicycle in India under 10000 because the good brands will have all these below mentioned qualities.

  • The bike you buy must have instant heels release that will offer smooth transportation. With this feature, it gets easy to peddle and less exertion. You can peddle conveniently at the speed you wish for.
  • Another quality your bike must possess is the comfortable seats. This means cozy rides and no need to stand up especially when you are admiring the flora and fauna besides the road.  It must have an adjustable feature so that you can adjust it according to your eight. It is also important in case you lend your bicycles to others.
  • It must have alloy rims because it will allow you to stop your bike in the much better way. This is of great importance when you are riding in a traffic jam and have other bikes and vehicles around you. Alloy rims will help you in turning u the break when it is instantly required.
  • Last but not the least is to look for a proper size because the bike needs to offer a comfortable ride with your physical frame. If you will have large or small bikes according to your size. It is going to be difficult to control it. To look for the perfect size you must be able to lift the bike four inches from the ground.
These are the qualities that your companion must possess and are also vital factors that will help you in Buy Firefox Cycles Online India and compare others.

Few Best Choices of Bicycle in India under 10000 INR

Hero RangerDTB-VX 26T 6 Speed Mountain Cycle
It's a Hero RangerDTB-VX, It is the Best Seller Cycle on Amazon. It is the double bend type mtb handle wheels. It has plastic coated brake levers. It is the 6 speed index type shift system. It has 26 inches wheel size with 19.7 inches frame size. It comes with adjustable seat.

Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Cycle
This is the trendy bicycle for men. Bicycle look is coole. It comes with carrier, Stand, mudguard, front reflectors, chain cover. This is the best cycle for regular use. It has powerful front and rear caliper brakes.

Kross Maximus 21 Speed 26T
This Kross Maximus 21 Speed 26T is the Mountain Bicycle. It has 21 gears. It comes with disc brake. It has adjustable seat. It uses thumb gear shifting mechanism.

Viva Ryde On 26T Single Speed City Cycle
This Viva Ryde on 26T Single Speed cycle with Rigid steel frame and rigid steel fork. It has double wall alloy rims.It has straight handlbar which is very easy for arms and wrists. It has power V brakes.

Mach City Ibike 7 Speed 26"
This Mach City Ibike 7 Speed 26" comes in the category of Light weight cycle. It has steel rigid fork. It has Thermoplastic rubber grips (Comfortable grip). It has comfortable foam saddle.

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